Vb net validating event not firing

Please make the necessary adjustments.", vb OKOnly vb Exclamation, "Total Exceeds 100" txt Total. Isn't that what, theoretically, Before Update and Cancel = True should do? I suppose you could use the Controls' Before Update events and use Cancel, but I tend to stay away from them because in some situations they can trip you up. What you mustn't do is to change the second half "Me.

Like many things in programming, it's just a personal preference. Back Color = 16777215 '16777215 White 65280 Green End If End Sub This just didn't work, and I was convinced that the change event was not being triggered, but I was wrong!

nulls do have their role in a db, but you need to understand what they represent and what their purpose is.

the real reason was that she was using 0 as a default value instead of null so when using the domain average fucntions she was getting the 'wrong' answers ie a value of 0 was interpreted (correctly) as a mark of 0 and therefore that dragged the averages down.

instead she should have used null to indicate there was no result for that particular intersection of her data.

This isn't just a matter of ensuring that your application delivers the proper results.

If you don't validate input, your application can represent a serious security hole on the system.

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