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Trying to downgrade flash player for Active X to an older version triggers Windows Installer Error 1722 and the file Flash says that it got error "0001 [E] 00001013" when trying to execute "Install -install -msi".

The reason is that the uninstaller purposefully leaves a registry entry behind, that prevents later installation of an earlier version.

If now that computer is switched on, it will uninstall the previously installed version, but then fail to install the last one.

Thus you should change this property: This property comes set to 1. If you don't have a tool like Orca to do that modification, you may download my Adobe Flash No Update and simply drag and drop a msi file onto that script file. Works for both the Active X variant (for Internet Explorer) and for the Plugin variant (for Firefox and others).

The installer can check if it is the current version.If you want to do that, you must remove the registry values 10 and 11 in the key .One way to do this is to download and double-click it. Adobe added a section to the admin guide titled "Manually Uninstalling Flash Player on Macintosh".Version 11.2 and later contains an automatic updater, that runs as service.Thus the user does not need to have admin rights for the updater to do its work.

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But to be on the safe side, I disable it nevertheless, especially because it does create the file Flash Player Update Service.exe, and the service "Adobe Flash Player Update Service".

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