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Changes: In 2010 Mutya (pictured in 2007) revealed she paid £5,000 for implants in her bottom, saying: 'I researched it a little while ago. I just wanted it a bit perkier In 2010 Mutya revealed what exactly influenced her to pay £5,000 for implants in her bottom, saying: 'I researched it a little while ago.

Rosa Isabel Mutya Buena (born ) is an English singer and songwriter, of Irish, Spanish and Pilipino ethnicity, who rose to fame as a member of girl group the Sugababes.

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But, wow, I suppose now there's no original Sugababes we should just all re-form again." Buena, who has worked with acts such as Groove Armada and George Michael, continued: "I'm actually quite disappointed.

Obviously the 'brand' name of Sugababes will always carry on.

Last night the bailiff told us: “While I was putting the clamp on the vehicle I looked up and could see a man in front of me taking a Samurai sword from its case. I have to defend myself.“There were three swords but I took out the biggest one.“I said ‘you come in here, you know, it is up to you if you want to come in’.“I am only here to feed the dogs.

I haven't been with the Sugababes for so long, and, you know, I've had my years of growing up and learning about what I want in life and getting to look after my daughter.

So hooking up with the rest of the girls - I think that could be an amazing idea, definitely." And she dismissed suggestions that Buchanan had "bullied" other members which had led to the departures over the years. I mean, the reasons why people had left is not because of bullying, to tell you the truth.

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And speaking of lingerie, it's actually from Ann Summers, a brand that is more famous for bust-boosting bras, but whose swimwear is definitely worth a look too.

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