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So, rather than looking at what seperates people, look at how the diversity in cultures makes life interesting.

I'm a irish american being that my grandparents immigrated here and I think this whole situation is just tough.

They killed the mayan civilization off, killed the native americans off and had the slaves work in the fields, made them build buildings and create all that is here that needed hard work, that makes this country great and why everyone wants to live here.

use your own sense to imagine what god must think of this racism in the world he died to save.

I agree with madrid they say this is a free country and where did all the americans come from oh i mean EUOROPEANS where did all you come from k all you just came and started taking land like crazy from the indians the frenh wanted to stop you and give all the land back and alot of land from mexico and WITHOUGHT mexicans this country will fall and dont say no who is working at all the plantations picking food and working in construction ok I am only 13 years old and i know all this -_- no school my ass Let me explain something to you Ashleigh! In AMERICA, harrassing women on the street is not a compliment and not something to be tolerated, let alone enjoyed.

You definitely couldn't have FOUND them on this page. What i had typed before was towards everybody critizizing. You won't find any negative opinions about Mexicans anywhere in my post. Well, everything except that "native American" bit. What my parents, or grand parents, or other ancestors did or where they lived (or anyone else's) is only 100% irrelevant. And how come you didn't answer my other question from last time?

I certainly didn't post any value judgments about the situation; I just posted the facts. You might just as well claim that the length of my little toe is of some importance, as claim that one's family history is of any consequence. " Aren't you the one that i was talking to last time? Are Edgar's and Pablo's comments making you want the fence?

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